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Mixing and Mastering

Looking for world-class mixing and mastering services ?

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Custom Instrumentals

Need unique and industry-standard custom-made beats?

I am here to help from idea to execution


 If you are a rapper or singer and you wish to buy beats online, you are in the right place!

I don’t make type beats I create my own

Graphic Design

Are you in search of serious and trendy design vision?

Me and my designer’s team will realize any of your ideas.

LAtest mixing projects



” Huge Respect to ID, he made that track sound speechless, its really much much more than my expectations. Mixing and Mastering was on the top shelf and today i came to know that music really has no language. Thanks alot to ID! I definitely would work with him again in future.Respect from India 🇮🇳”


” Been working with ID many times! Only positive experience! I like his attitude to the projects, creative editing is on top! Final result always sounds awesome! Definitely, recommend working with him! “


”  ID and I have been working together for many years and I’m always satisfied and thankful for the Great work he does. He always does a really great job with mixing and engineering and has some of the dopest beats I’ve heard. Always has a professional music relationship with the artists he works with and I always get good feedback and asked who produced my tracks for me. Keep up the great work bro much love.  “


”  I like the sound you made for me, very good mixed voice with the beat! Your attitude to the project is like it is your own track, appreciate it a lot!!! Easy to communicate, I will work more with you, for sure! Thank you! “


”  Loved working with ID. He was always on the ball and made sure I am absolutely satisfied. “


”  ID! You are a musical angel sent down from heaven! Insanely talented. It still amazes me you created a whole song just from the melody and lyrics in my head. You brought to life my vision and I am forever thankful! You are like a mentor to me and I hope to continue working with you!🤗🙌🏾 Thank you for being so dedicated an truly caring about the song. 


” Yes, I got it and we are totally blown away. Rise couldn’t wait to start writing to it. You got a gift bro and we definitely want to work with you again on some upcoming projects. 


” Thanks for the amazing mix man, end product is so much better than I thought it would be. Will definitely be showing your profile to anyone who asks for recommendations and will be coming back for future collaborations bro. Excellent work! 


” I’m very meticulous by nature so you could imagine what I went through when looking for someone new to mix/master my beats. I must have got lucky by running into RGBeatz. During our first discussion, I explained I wasn’t happy with person I was working with and needed someone who could turnaround in volume quickly. We started with 20 beats and he had them back to me in 5 days! Additionally, I usually kick back mixes fir revisions and I have yet to do so to date. RGBeatz is a true professional and super reliable, you don’t see that much these days.  

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Services Info

No matter how great the elements of your next hit song are, they won’t shine unless they are mixed by a professional. I deliver world-class online mixing and mastering services at an affordable price. 

What should you expect from my mixing services? 

  • Attention to detail
  • Vocal recording and song concept advices
  • Clean, Warm and Rich Sound
  • Follow up and revisions based on your requirements
  • Creative Editing
  • 100% satisfaction.

I ensure that clients get a music mix that enhances all the best parts of their tracks while leaving the original groove in place. It is all about making your talent shine. Online mixing and mastering services can be disappointing because of the lack of face-to-face interaction to steer the engineer into producing the right results. However, I take the time to ensure that clients get the mixing and mastering service they desire. 


I have a speciality in Hip Hop mixing and mastering. With over 10 years of experience not only sound engineering Hip Hop but also making beats of my own, producing in the genre, I have acquired a real feel for what hits best and what pitfalls to avoid. Hip Hop requires special attention to low-end mixing, something better left to professionals. Vocal mixing is also quite important in this genre. If you want to be sure that your bars get the attention they deserve, just hit me up and I’ll make it happen.


Clients get to participate in creating the best-sounding track we can possibly make together. By communicating clearly with the client, I ensure that what is delivered is what is desired. 

There is no better decision you can make for your music than to find a good engineer to master your song. My online mixing services make you sound better so that you can grab listeners and build a following. Quality sounding music is a team effort so you’re more than welcome!

Hear the Mixing and Mastering samples  and Read the feedbacks

Many artistes out there need custom beats but don’t know where to begin. Online custom beats are a major convenience for singers and rappers. I am here to help from idea to execution. The custom-made beats I offer are unique, industry-standard, and professional.Getting a custom instrumental becomes a simple process when you contacting me.


Submitting Information

First you will need to submit information on your inspiration and preferences. What kind of music inspires you? What is an ideal reference track that encapsulates the vibe you are going for? Can you describe the feel of the track – what do you want your listeners to experience? This kind of information will go a long way in initiating the creative process.


Further process

When we agreed on the price, I take upfront 50% of the total amount. Then you get some samples to choose from. These custom instrumentals will be made according to your specifications. You will then have to pick which sample you like best in order for me to flesh it out into a full beat.

Next, you get to provide feedback on the final sample you chose in order to ensure that it matches what you envisioned. With this feedback I can make adjustments to the beat so that you get a custom instrumental that inspires you to write, sing or rap. This feedback is critical in ensuring that you get the product you want so it is important to communicate clearly during this stage.

Finally, when you’re satisfied for 100%, you send the rest of the total amount and you get your finished product: a fully unique custom beat made just for you with exclusive rights. 

It’s simple, straight-forward and you won’t be disappointed in the results with beats this good. 

If you are a rapper or singer and you wish to buy beats online, you are in the right place! I have beats for sale that you won’t find anywhere else. Innovation is at the forefront of my mind every time I approach a beat – from mixing different genres and styles, to layering melodies with my own voice. I’m pretty sure that you can buy hip hop beats that inspire you to write, sing or rap in my beat store .

When you buy beats online, you usually get the option of exclusive or non-exclusive licensing. This means the beat only belongs to you or else, for a lower cost, you hop on a beat that other people can use too. In my beat store I provide 3 flexible types of non-exclusive licenses.

Basic Lease license

A basic license is usually great for content creators like video editors and artists who need to record demo songs for private use only.This is not for professional, public use and not recommended for recording artists. 


Premium Lease license

  • License for professional use, most popularly used by artists to release songs on music platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and more. Also good for performing live paid performances.
  • This license also features high quality stem files which come in handy when mixing these beats with the artist’s additions. 

Distribution on major platforms limited

Professional Lease license

  • This license has no limitations on the number of streams, plays or sales.
  • This is usually for artists who believe their track is strong enough to garner major sales and streams that surpass the caps of other licenses. 
  • This is ideal for an artist who wishes to create and monetize a music video


Exclusive Rights 


So are you the next rap sensation? Then you might want to get exclusive rap beats from me. I have a wide selection of hip hop instrumentals for you to browse through. For example, you can buy Trap beats that will get you the attention you deserve in the mainstream or you can lease a Boombap beat that showcases your lyricism to deliver your message to the world. There’s something for every occasion in the beat store.

So when you need original, high quality and professionally-made instrumentals, you know where to look. These beats speak for themselves because for me it’s Quality over Quantity.


Genres in the beat store: Hip-Hop, Underground, West Coast, New School, Gangsta, Trap, Acoustic Instrumentals, BoomBap, Trap soul, Ambient Trap and Classic Hip-Hop.


Check out all beats here! 

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